Support your global operations by adjusting your offerings in local markets. Sell in multiple currencies and apply local taxation rules.
Zero-time Onboarding
Be up and running with your own Marketplace in a snap.
24/7 First-Class Support
Top class support plans, to eliminate all possible doubts or headaches.
Easy Integrations via Open APIs & Framework
Leverage your existing CRM, EPR or other legacy systems by integrating with our open APIs.
Customized Analytics Reports
Easily access real-time information and transform it into richly formatted reports and dashboards.
Payment Gateways
Connect the platform with any local payment gateway like PayPal, Authorize.Net or Stripe.
Custom Branded Marketplaces
Create your Marketplace with your own brand identity, cloud products and services.
Budget Alerts
Azure Cost Management
Reseller Dashboard
Bundles Capability
Refreshed UI/UX Marketplace
Customer Testimonials